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Flooring is like housekeeping. Done well, you don’t even notice the floor as an individual feature—you only see an amazing house.

A job that is done poorly, however, makes the floors an obvious atrocity. The right flooring installer will turn your house into a polished and elegant home. Investing in the right Tampa flooring installation company creates a beautiful finish within your home and revitalizes your interior style from the ground up.

If your regular search is for “Tampa flooring installation near me,” then you’ve come to the right people. As one of the leading Tampa flooring installation companies, we offer the best in the business for service and quality. Our highly experienced contractors, high-quality materials, and 24/7 support guarantee your project will go smoothly and efficiently—we do things right the first time.

If you are wondering what flooring best suits your home or business, there is an extensive range of materials and designs available to bring any project to life. Flooring manufacturing and installation methods have come a long way, and the industry continues to diversify.

Hiring our Tampa flooring installation contractor for the job will see that you get the best materials, the closest fit, and the most advanced installation method for your home or business.

Types of Floors We Install

We install a vast range of flooring, including various tiles, laminate flooring, hardwood, and terrazzo. Covering commercial and residential projects alike, we consider no job too big or too small and take pride in offering an impeccable finish every time.

Our tiling range includes porcelain, ceramic, wood-look tiles, and vinyl tiles. You may also want to consider our hardwood or terrazzo finishes for tradition and warmth. If it’s a classic look or a practical, hard-wearing solution for a family home, trust us to install it right and have your home looking exquisite.

Whether you prefer the old-world charm of elegant lines or a more modern aesthetic that catches the eye, our fitters are qualified to install your flooring in a range of patterns. Choose from a traditional basket-weave to the more opulent Versailles look. Investing in the right pattern is an opportunity to put your personal stamp on your home interior in a subtle and durable way.

Some of the patterns we can install include:

  • Herringbone
  • Offset or Staggered
  • Stacked Pinwheel
  • Versailles
  • Basket Weave
  • Diagonal
  • Chevron

Flooring comes in a range of contemporary neutral shades to match any mood or interior design. Choose from warm beiges and browns to cooler grays and whites. Consider opting for black when you want a more dramatic and modern effect.

If you’re unsure about anything or would like to chat with an expert, our professional installers will be happy to speak with you about the right choice of material for your home or business.

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The Types of Jobs We Do

Commercial Flooring Installation in Florida

Our commercial clients range from large multi-nationals to small local businesses, and we don’t shy away from any project. We consider ourselves experienced enough to meet all projects with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

The commercial jobs we do come in many sizes, from large-scale flooring fit-outs of new buildings to modernization projects for older business premises. Our professionals are always on hand with friendly service and expert advice. Our diverse range of styles and materials will suit almost any commercial project, offering value and durability without compromising on style.

“Commercial” doesn’t have to mean impersonal, either. We like to approach our business ventures with the same level of personality and expertise as our residential projects. If you’re considering a large-scale or commercial installation, we’d be happy to provide a quote, so speak to us today about what options will work best for your project.

Residential Flooring Installation in Florida

The process behind a flooring installation is as much an art as it is a science. Our expert fitters are highly qualified and take their roles seriously. Understanding the impact that a job done well can have on your family home is critical to achieving consistent standards of quality throughout the project.

Our typical installation projects include kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Other areas include the garage, sunrooms, and patios to bring them up to standard. A flooring upgrade can breathe new life into every room in your home, creating a modern appearance and a renewed beauty.

Our expertise is as much about installation as choosing the right flooring for the location. The best choice of material can differ from room to room. If you’re unsure, feel free to speak to one of our experts before investing in something that you aren’t certain is the best material for your project.

What Does it Cost to Install New Flooring?

The cost to install flooring depends on a range of factors. The price of the flooring meterage can vary significantly, from budget-friendly vinyl to high-end porcelain tiles. The choice of materials, however, will also have an impact on the installation outlay.

The condition of the existing sub-floor is also a factor in cost, as is the surface area, and the shape of the room to be fitted. Specific materials are designed with ease of installation in mind. Wood-look tiles, for example, are manufactured with repositionable, pressure-sensitive adhesive to simplify the process.

Many other vinyl floorings have boards that lock into each other, requiring no adhesives. These can be installed floating over almost any sub-floor, even if there are some surface irregularities.

More classic products such as porcelain and ceramic tiles are less flexible and have less margin for error. These types of materials will require a level sub-floor and a professional fit. Due to the precise nature of fitting this product, there is usually more time and money involved.

Typically, the easier the material is to fit, the lower the cost per square foot. We recommend setting your budget before choosing your materials to avoid disappointment. Stick with materials inside your parameters and invest in a professional finish.